Šviesos efektas UFO-ASTRO-BL

Šviesos efektas UFO-ASTRO-BL
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Šviesos efektas UFO-ASTRO-BL


Combined ASTRO & UFO light effect for table top or hanging installation that shoots a large number of bright light beams on the wall and into the room. Ideal animation for your parties at home that doesn't require long and complicated installation

  • 2 operating modes: Auto & sound activation
  • Long lifetime, no need to change bulbs
  • Low heat generation, low energy consumption
  • Continuous use for hours


  • Power supply:  220-240Vac 50/60Hz
  • Consumption:  15W
  • Light source:  Astro: 3 x RGB LEDs of 3W, UFO: 48x 10mmØ RGB LEDs
  • Dims:  136 x 136 x 136mm
  • Weight:  0.28 kg