Šviesos efektas LED RAINBOW

Šviesos efektas LED RAINBOW
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Šviesos efektas LED RAINBOW


  • A compact but powerful multi-beam LED-effect!
  • Each of the 6 lenses contains a powerful 3Watt RGB LED.
  • Thanks to perfect color mixing the six beams can have any color you like!
  • Each 9° beam can be controlled individually to create an endless combination of customized effects.
  • Excellent built-in programs for wonderful, ever-changing, light shows:
  •                 Standalone: sound activated with internal mic
  •                 Master/slave: wonderful synchronized shows
  •                 DMX-master/slave, 1MSL: thanks to this revolutionary new feature several LED Rainbow
  •                 units, working in master/slave, can still be controlled by DMX! Even while connected in a
  •                 DMX chain! (optional mini DMX splitter required)
  • DMX: 22 channels for full control or easy control using only 1 or 7 channels.
  •             2 optional remote controllers available:
  •             CA-8: wired remote for improved master/slave control
  • RF-8 Set: wireless RF-remote for improved master/slave control
  • Uses six powerful 3Watt RGB LEDs:
  •            Extremely brilliant beams compared to effects with halogen lamps
  •            More dynamic effects compared to effects based on halogen lamps
  •            No lamp replacements and very low power consumption
  • Mains IEC in/outputs for easy linking using optional IEC cables
  • Perfect for different applications: discos, clubs, mobile DJs, stage, ...

Technical Information:

  • Mains Input: AC100V~240V 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: 39 Watt
  • Fuse: 250V T6.3A (20mm glass)
  • Sound Control: Internal microphone
  • DMX connections: 3pin XLR male / female
  • DMX channels used: 1, 7, 22 channels
  • Lamp: 6x 3Watt Tri-color LEDs
  • Size: 424 x 251 x 65 cm (with bracket: 138mm)
  • Weight: 3,6kg