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Šviesos efektas JB SYSTEMS ORION

Šviesos efektas JB SYSTEMS ORION
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Šviesos efektas ORION


A very powerful, eye-catching, LED effect.

With an optional CPB-4 (Centerpiece bracket) 4 units can be mounted together to obtain an incredible and fantastic LED centerpiece effect!

Based on 4 LED clusters with 224 power LEDs (R=80 + G=60 + B=48 + W=36):

Extremely brilliant colors compared to effects with halogen lamps

More dynamic effects compared to effects based on halogen lamps

Very sharp white, blue, red and green laser-like beams

No lamp replacements!

Uses LEDs with extremely long lifespan!

Virtually no heat production

Very low power consumption

Lightweight (no lamp transformers needed)

0-100% dimming and ultra fast strobe function

Excellent built-in programs for wonderful, ever changing, light shows:

DMX-control: selectable 4 or 7 channels for full control of the 4 LED clusters

Standalone: sound activated with internal mic

Master/slave: wonderful synchronized shows

Optional CA-8 remote controller available

4-digit menu driven display

Technical information

Voltage:  AC 230V / 50Hz

Size:  475 x 290 x 160 mm

Weight:  5,0 kg

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