Šviesos efektas JB ATLAS LED

Šviesos efektas JB ATLAS LED
Peržoūrėta: 4913 Gamintojas: JB systems
Kodas: 7028
Prekyboje: 1
112,00 EUR
Kiekis: Į krepšelį
Innovative, DMX-controlled LED moonflower.
Based on 52 power LEDs (R=16 + G=12 + B=12 + W=12):
Extremely brilliant colors compared to effects with halogen lamps
More dynamic effects compared to effects based on halogen lamps
Razor sharp white, blue, red and green beams
No lamp replacements!
Uses LEDs with extremely long lifespan!
Virtually no heat production
Very low power consumption
Lightweight (no lamp transformers needed)
0-100% dimming and ultra fast strobe function
Excellent built-in programs for wonderful, ever changing, light shows: DMX-control: 4 channels; Standalone: sound activated with internal mic; Master/slave: wonderful synchronized shows
Optional CA-8 remote controller available
Equipped with big optical lens for maximum light output

Techninė informacija:
Mains Input: AC 100V ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
Sound Control: Internal microphone
DMX connections: 3pin XLR male / female
DMX channels used: 4 channels
Lamp: 52 LEDs (R=16 + G=12 + B=12 + W=12)
Size: 236 x 141 x 203 mm
Weight: 2kg

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