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Šviesos efektas ASTRO2 LED Impressive built-in light shows triggered by sound 6 x DMX chann..
74,00 EUR 39,00 EUR
  Innovative, DMX-controlled LED moonflower. Based on 52 power LEDs (R=16 + G=12 + B=12 +..
112,00 EUR 49,00 EUR
Innovative, sound activated multicolored moonflower Based on 46 power LEDs (R=16 + G=15 + B=15): &..
85,00 EUR 45,00 EUR
Šviesos efektas JB Systems Miniwave   Equipped with 2 special frost filters Projects ..
87,00 EUR 39,00 EUR
Šviesos efektas ORION Aprašymas A very powerful, eye-catching, LED effect. With an option..
174,00 EUR 80,00 EUR
Šviesos efektas LED RAINBOW Aprašymas A compact but powerful multi-beam LED-effect! Eac..
224,00 EUR 100,00 EUR
Šviesos efektas LP64LED Aprašymas Efektas veikiantis ir baterijų pagalba - Šviečia ik..
89,00 EUR 40,00 EUR
Šviesos efektas LUS224LED Aprašymas Spectacular multi-beam effect 4 x DMX channels (DMX..
119,00 EUR 60,00 EUR
Šviesos efektas UFO-ASTRO-BL Aprašymas Combined ASTRO & UFO light effect for table top o..
32,00 EUR 25,00 EUR