Stiprintuvas C3-1800 3 kanalų

Stiprintuvas C3-1800 3 kanalų
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Stiprintuvas C3-1800 3 kanalų

Galingumas - 2 x 300 W/8 Ohm

Galingumas - 1 x 600 W/8 Ohm (žemų dažnių kolonėlei)

Professional 3-channel amplifier with built-in active crossover and subwoofer processor.

Can be used as a normal 2-channel amplifier.

1800W total power: Satellite outputs (stereo): 2x450W rms @ 4Ω; Subwoofer output (mono): 900W rms @4Ω

Very compact housing, only 2U (88mm) high

Built-in 24dB/oct. active crossover: 90-250Hz selectable crossover point; Filters on satellite outputs can be switched on/off

Built-in SUB BASS processor

Limiters can be switched on/off

Sub out phase inverter

Soft starts

Very efficient cooling

DC fault protection

High temperature protection

Overload and short circuit protections

Balanced inputs with combo connectors (jack + XLR)

3 Speakon® outputs: 2x Satellites + 1x Sub out.
Technical Information

Power Satellite outputs @ 4Ω: 2x 450Wrms

Power Satellite outputs @ 8Ω: 2x 300Wrms

Power Subwoofer outputs @ 4Ω: 1x 900Wrms

Power Subwoofer outputs @ 8Ω: 1x 600Wrms

Freq. Resp. (+/-0.5dB): 20 - 20000Hz

Active crossover: 90-250Hz (24dB/oct. Linkwitz Riley)

Input Sensitivity: 770mV

Input impedance: 20 kΩ (bal) / 10kΩ (unbal)

S/R ratio: >90dB

Damping factor: >500

Cooling: dual speed fan cooling

Inputs: balanced/unbalanced COMBO (XLR/Jack)

Outputs: Speakon®

Power supply: AC230V / 50Hz

Dimensions (mm): 483x473x88 (19"/2U)

Weight: 24kg

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